The great underestimation of an immigration consultant’s salary

You’ve probably heard on the news or by reading articles on the Internet that the number of U.S. immigrants has reached historical figures, both in regards to the global trend of travelling or settling in another country, as well as to the rhythm in which people have been getting their Visa or Green Cards in the past 60-70 years. It’s no surprise that close to a quarter of the total amount of individuals working in a country different than where they were born have chosen the United States of America as their new destination. All nations look to establish political, military and trade relations with them, as they have been recognized as the focal centre of the culture of modernity. From the film-making industry to video games production, everyone relies on the Americans to come up with the new trend.

Turning a global attraction into a business

Over the past ten years the population of immigrants that are on American soil has doubled. Just like that, 23 million individuals who have settled in the U.S. since the 1950s have been doubled by another 23 in the small timeframe of 2003-2013. The American dream is alive now more than ever, especially since there are so many examples of people who have made their fortune out of a few dollars. In a way, this is the beauty and the curse of a capitalist economy – if you have enough skill, you can work your way to the top, but a small mistake or moment of relaxation can cause a vertiginous decline.

The real-estate crisis of 2008 has not proven to be a deterrent in any way in the minds of foreign born workers. While one might expect that international threats such as terrorism would cause a nation to close-up, the industry of the U.S. is in continuous demand of work-force to sustain the volume of tasks that must be performed in order to keep the economy alive.

A trend that has not known stagnation

The number of immigrants to the U.S. never stagnated from one year to the other in the 21st century. Moreover, the fact that a nation’s vulnerabilities have been exposed has made the process of immigration or travelling to America more complex, but still a highly achievable goal. If anything, this is a further advantage for the immigration consultant industry – instead of taking risks, people would rather employ the guidance of someone that is intimately familiar with such matters.

With a starting salary of $38,000 per annum career prospects are not dim at all for a profession that does not demand its employees to graduate from a traditional University program. Should you be smart and acquire an immigration consultant’s certificate beforehand, your initial immigration consultant salary can go as far up as $45,000 per year.

The prospects count-in the most

With a couple of years of know-how in your CV, statistics indicate that you’ll be able to place yourself anywhere between $59,000 and $61,000 per year. Before your colleagues finish college, you’re already on your way to a stable career. Things don’t stop here, as you can always take up more work as a freelancer or decide to set up a private agency for yourself.

No bosses or other managers to tell you what to do, you’ve finally got to the point where you can work as much as you want and benefit personally from all the rewards. Immigration consultancy is a business that relies heavily on interacting with clients, consequently if you’re a good people’s person and an expert in your field, then your immigration consultant salary can easily reach a figure that’s twice as much than the average income in the industry. For starters.