Professional Certificate in Immigration Consultant

Program Certificate in Certified Immigration Consultant

About This Program

This program provides a broad overview of  U.S. immigration law.  It is designed for anyone who wants to understand the United States immigration system, and does not assume that participants have any legal background.  Each course in this program covers a core topic in immigration law, including sources of immigration law, government agencies involved in administering immigration law, and how noncitizens gain and lose immigration status.

Program at a Glance

 3-4 hours per week


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Program Objectives

  Understand law and regulations governing immigration and citizenship;

  Learn how to comply with rapidly evolving immigration policies;

  Learn how to file petitions and applications;

  Witness immigration court proceedings first hand; and,

  Gain expertise to professionally advance.

Program Requirement

30 credits are required for the Professional Diploma program. Students must complete 6 credits of each course of the following:

Course Code Course Title Credits
MMLAW001 Elements of US Immigration Law 6 credits
MMLAW002 Business & Investment Immigration 6 credits
MMLAW003 Immigration Court Procedures: Renewal and Relief Process 6 credits
MMLAW004 Family Immigration Law 6 credits
MMLAW005 United States Naturalization and Citizenship 6 credits

Total obtain 30 credits in this program.
Evaluation In order to graduate students must achieve a final average of at least 50%.