Becoming a regular immigration adviser with our course

A lot of individuals are now aware that the immigration consultancy business brings consistent profit to the companies and the workers in this field. However, getting your own piece of what seems to be an on-growing trend is more difficult than it seems. Our course provides you with all of the information that you need in order to become a regular immigration adviser. Furthermore, you’ll be equipped with all of the knowledge that some of the leading professionals in the immigration advising trade are acquainted with, so that you can manage any kind of impediment or difficulty that might arise during your clients’ proceedings.


In terms of degrees, you are not demanded to have anything besides a high-school diploma. This is more of a borderline prerequisite in order to establish that not anyone can become an immigration consultant. On the other hand, this also shows that the immigration advising industry is still in dire need of workforce, especially if we take into consideration what seems to be at least 69 million different people that travel to America each year, whereas at least 1 million of them have the intention of settling on federal territory indefinitely.

Still, we think that in order to become a professional you are supposed to enter this job as a prepared and trained individual. In this manner, you will not only secure a higher salary from the beginning, but also start building on a clientele that relates to your advice directly, as well as work on other aspects that are demanded of you in order to be successful.

Once you’ve graduated from our training

…the sky is the limit! Our immigration advising experts are some of the most trained professionals, both from the perspective of the intricacies that the immigration procedures involve, as well as from a pedagogical standpoint. Your certificate guarantees that you are a regular immigration adviser, but also that you have a background to rely upon when a complicated circumstance arise.

With a few years of practical know-how in a regular immigration adviser position you are ready to start your own office. Before doing so, it is highly recommended that you also apply for a license, so that you can enter this industry successfully and start off on the right foot. What this license requires is that you are a citizen yourself, with no major felonies on your criminal record – of course, things like petty theft and accusations of vandalism are not a threat, but it’s better to be safe. Having met these conditions, you can apply for this license with the U.S. Secretary of State.

The possibilities of a licensed immigration consultant

Having graduated from our course and obtained a license, you have now obtained every possible qualification of a regular immigration advisor. Nothing is to stop you from working as a freelancer or establishing your own office, provided that you’ve already acquired some contacts in the first couple of years in the industry. Being a service that relies heavily on the interaction with your clients, it’s basically up to you if your guidance is regarded as a highly professional one or not. The license from the government adds an extra degree of security and authority to your professional image.

Furthermore, as a state-recognized professional you may secure a surety bond which your clients can access in the event that something goes wrong. With all of these advantages on your side, it’s only a matter of time before your small office is going to be transformed into an establishment of its own, the uppermost floor of which belongs entirely to the CEO – you.