Sam Kent

Sam Kent, California, United States For 6 years before joining the program at the Justice Immigration Institute I was an insurance broker making a decent living. The reason for which I sought to qualify for another job was the success that all of my friends were enjoying in their fields….

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Meixiu Lin

Meixiu Lin, Taipei, Taiwan As a woman professional, it’s always harder to achieve the goals that men do. In the field that I’ve specialized in, banking, it was terrifyingly obvious that men were favored for promotions, raises and achievements. One day, I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to specialize…

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Guotin Song

Guotin Song, Tianjin, China In law school I was particularly interested in the fields that tackled with novel issues, problems that are brought about by the development of our world and the legal system did not charter in its specifications yet. These “gaps” that emerge with the clashing of the…

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Zara Som

Zara Som, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Being an immigration consultant myself, I was looking for a lot more in a training program than a usual learner would. For me, the Justice Immigration Institute represented one of the very few places where you could interact with world-renowned experts in this domain. I…

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Gan Mandukh

Gan Mandukhai, Ulan Bator, Mongolia My grandparents moved from the Orient in America in an attempt to provide a better future for their family. Even though my parents did not agree with moving there, the fact that we had U.S. relatives meant a lot for my travelling experiences. As a…

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Berfu Sadik

Berfu Sadik, Ankara, Turkey In Muslim societies, women are not traditionally allowed the same freedom of profession that men are. Usually, we are the ones who tend to the domestic duties. Ever since I was a young teenager, I did not feel comfortable with this, so I decided to become…

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Cephalus Metaxas

Cephalus Metaxas, Athens, Greece Before training as an immigration consultant with the Justice Immigration Institute I was no beginner in business. Owning a few boutiques of in my natal city, I could easily grasp the fundamentals of running any company. In recent times, I’ve managed to put some money aside…

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Badeea Awlad Shbib

Badeea Awlad Shbib, Tripoli, Libya As a young child, I could not enjoy all of the liberties that others were granted by their families. Towards the end of my high-school, my mother’s health condition started decreasing and there was no one else to help around the house but me, since…

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Adriano Sa

Adriano Sa, Luanda, Angola The Justice Immigration Institute offered me a lifetime opportunity, namely the possibility to train for a job without going to college and spend more time with my son as he was growing up. Before getting my immigration consultant office, I worked in public relations and sometimes…

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Ventura Rocha

Ventura Rocha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I’ve obtained my Professional Diploma in Immigration Consultancy from the Justice Immigration Institute in the fall of 2013. Before this, I was an assistant immigration consultant and while I liked my job, I felt that my career was stagnating. However, with the extra-qualification from…

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