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The Justice Immigration Institute is an educational enterprise which aims at training experts in the domain of immigration consultancy. Our goal is to bring together innovative teaching techniques, the possibilities of 21st century digital technology and a team of highly trained experts to make up one of the most efficient and user-friendly immigration consultancy training.

The Justice Immigration Institute goes beyond the simple scope of immigration consultant tasks, as you’ll have a thorough introduction in U.S. immigration law as well.Furthermore, our courses will enhance your critical reasoning skills, along with aspects pertaining to problem-solving abilities. Last, but not least, our training also aims at giving learners the possibility to improve their negotiation, communication and ethics.

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What we do to achieve our goals:

  • We make sure that our courses are detailed and exhaustive in terms of information related to immigration practices, governmental policies and U.S. immigration law.
  • We structure the program in a way that would involve multiple learning patterns, constructing an effortless learning experience, as the content you’re provided with is easy to grasp and remember.
  • Instead of a traditional training program, we’re proposing a fully-online one. With a device that has Internet browsing technology, you can easily log into our educational platform, where you’ll find everything you need to qualify as an immigration consultant.
  • Periodically, we revise the learning materials we provide students to ensure that they are updated with novel practices in the domain of immigration consultancy and keep in touch with changes that might arise in the institutions that pertain to this field of activity.
  • Instead of regular trainers, we collaborate with highly-distinguished experts in the field of immigration, people that have not only practiced law, but also obtained distinctions for their research and teaching in this domain.

Salary Range of Immigration Consultant in U.S. Per Year

Starting at USD$72,000 to USD$145,423

Immigration Consultant Facts & Figures

4,345,628 Number of Immigrants Move to U.S. in 2015


103,340 Expected Immigration Consultant Job Vacancies in U.S

  • As opposite to most training programs, we also involve plenty of possibilities for our learners to test the knowledge they’ve acquired in a controlled environment, with the purpose of exercising their skills as well as receiving feedback for their work.
  • The learning environment that we create is based on tolerance, acceptance, mutual respect and competitiveness. The values and fair-play upheld by the training program are also the ones involved in the practice of immigration consultancy.
  • The course you’ll be engaged in is crafted so as to promote the responsibility, attitude and ethical principles involved with the job of an immigration consultant for U.S. purposes.
  • Last, but not least, we develop a curriculum that emphasizes the development of the learner, through debate and creative material. By the end of this program, your critical thinking capacity should be highly-developed and prepared to solve any problem that might arise in the daily tasks of an immigration consultant.

Graduating from the Justice Immigration Institute of United States can be a very rewarding experience. Our testimonials and success stories comprise some of the advantages that other graduates have enjoyed once they finished our program, so feel free to review them yourself.

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