Rachel M. Grey

Rachel M. Grey Rachel Grey teaches Law at the renowned Boston College and she has been having an on-going collaboration with our program for more than 3 years. During her undergraduate years at Yale, Ms. Grey was an esteemed colleague…

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James H. Fabian

James H. Fabian James Fabian effortlessly graduated from Psychology as class valedictorian, which allowed him to apply for a law undergraduate study program. After being accepted at Colombia Law, James made it a point to demonstrate to the admissions board that their decision was worthwhile, landing…

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Brandon O. Dixon

Brandon O. Dixon Brandon Dixon is one of the newest members of our team of experts at the Justice Immigration Institute, coming with an experience in immigration law that is almost unrivalled. Back in his student years, Brandon was a…

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Jacqueline M. Philips

Jacqueline M. Philips Dr. Jacqueline Philips is an Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Arizona and has been an outstanding member of the academia for more than 15 years. She studied law at Duke University and graduated summa cum laude. She obtained her J.D. from Harvard…

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Kylie V. Church

Kylie V. Church Dr. Kylie Church is an Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Alabama, as well as an esteemed member of both the American Association for Justice and National Lawyers Association. Ms. Church graduated with honors from…

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Kevin Eaglestone

Kevin Eaglestone Mr. Eaglestone discovered his keen sense for entrepreneurship at an early age and was determined to establish his own law firm upon graduation. To increase his chances of success, he earned his J.D. from Harvard Law…

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Amy F. Porter

Amy F. Porter Dr. Amy Porter is currently a well praised Visiting Professor of Law at the reputable Boston College and has been active in the teaching sector for more than 5 years. She earned her J.D. from Harvard University…

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Sean J. Potts

Sean J. Potts Mr. Potts is a collaborating professor with the Justice Immigration Institute of United States, managing to bring consistent contributions to this program at a theoretical level. As a fresh graduate of Harvard Law, Sean tried his hand…

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Kenny Galloway

Kenny Galloway Kenny Galloway became a lawyer especially due to his concerns with human rights and discrimination issues. After graduating magma cum laude from Harvard Law and obtaining his J.D. from Yale University, Mr. Galloway’s practice familiarized him with the…

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Martha H. Carlson

Martha H. Carlson Mrs. Martha Carlson is a Professor of Law at the well-known University of Minnesota and has been a member of our team of experts for more than 5 years. She is renowned for her performance as a…

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