Our Experts

Rachel M. Grey

Rachel Grey teaches Law at the renowned Boston College and she has been having an on-going collaboration with our program for more than 3 years. During her undergraduate years at Yale, Ms. Grey was an esteemed colleague and student of law, leading the way for the national debate team at University level. Furthermore, she was one of the few champions of informal law competitions between Universities in the senior year. After obtaining a PhD in the theoretical field of citizenship acquisition by non-resident individuals, Ms. Grey tried her best to uphold her father’s example, an ex-law professor at Harvard.

Prior to her teaching with the University of Boston, Rachel Grey was an expert on citizenship law at Dixon Zein PLC, obtaining one of the most outstanding records in terms of winning court trials. As an official member of the distinguished American Law Institute, as well as the American Civil Liberties Union, Ms. Grey still publishes numerous articles and research in academic law journals every year.

In terms of notable recent achievements, Rachel Grey was the recipient of the Award of Teaching Excellence for her time spent at Boston College. Lately, her plans involved working with international non-governmental organizations to greatly change the way in which non-residents are treated, regardless of their country of provenance.

James H. Fabian

ames Fabian effortlessly graduated from Psychology as class valedictorian, which allowed him to apply for a law undergraduate study program. After being accepted at Colombia Law, James made it a point to demonstrate to the admissions board that their decision was worthwhile, landing a national merit scholarship for his academic efforts as a student. Not long after graduating magma cum laude, Mr. Fabian also obtained his J.D. from the same Colombia Law, specializing in an area that concerns corporate immigration policies.

As he was a keen researcher of corporate immigration, the team at Wilhelm, Northbridge and Frye welcomed his efforts to improve lawyer’s approach methods when facing an immigration trial. Mr. Fabian recently joined the academia and has taught Law at Northwestern University for more than 5 years, holding his own course in immigration policy. We are especially glad to have him on our team, since James is a favorite among students because of his relaxed attitude with his pupils.
Nominated for Best Corporate Immigration Lawyer of the Year, James successfully published in the National Law Journal, acquiring a spotless reputation for his practices and opinions. Today, Mr. Fabian is also a constant collaborator with the United Nations Commission on Immigration.

Brandon O. Dixon

Brandon Dixon is one of the newest members of our team of experts at the Justice Immigration Institute, coming with an experience in immigration law that is almost unrivalled. Back in his student years, Brandon was a promising student of Letters, but after graduating he decided that studying Law would put his talents to better use. Three years later, Brandon finished his BA in law with summa cum laude and involved himself in multiple activities that concerned the field of immigration law.

To begin with, he voluntarily offered his expertise and it was put to good use at the United Nations Commission on humanitarian law, using up his spare time to publish articles and papers in various academic circles. This was one of the most prolific periods in his life. He was so active that whilst working with the U.N., Brandon obtained his J.D. from the same college he studied at as an undergraduate, Duke Law.

In order to spread his views on immigration law, Brandon started teaching as an assistant professor and now he has a tenured teaching practice at the University of Chicago, having earned the respect of fellow colleagues and students alike.

Jacqueline M. Philips

Dr. Jacqueline Philips is an Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Arizona and has been an outstanding member of the academia for more than 15 years. She studied law at Duke University and graduated summa cum laude. She obtained her J.D. from Harvard University and also contributed essential research for the same prestigious school when she put together her PhD in Law. Her excellent record as a student determined her to remain within the academic environment upon finishing her studies and thus to become a professor.

In addition, for her exceptional merits, Jacqueline Philips was accepted as an honorary member of the National Lawyers Guild, as well as of the International Law Association. Her research and numerous academic papers have been published both in collective volumes and in renowned journals, such as the US Legal and the National Law Journal.

As a professor of law, Mrs. Philips was honored with the Award of Excellence in Teaching for her popularity amongst students, but also for her numerous publications and contributions in the field of law. Jacqueline decided to become a member of our team of experts due to her professional interest in immigration and naturalization policies, and is now setting a thorough theoretical basis for our students.

Kylie V. Church

Dr. Kylie Church is an Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Alabama, as well as an esteemed member of both the American Association for Justice and National Lawyers Association. Ms. Church graduated with honors from the University of California’s Berkeley School of Law, the place where she also became a J.D.

During her doctorate program, Kylie followed the guidance of her doctorate committee and published a few papers in recognized national law journals. This choice turned out to be a very profitable one, as she gained the status of well-known figure in the field of law by dealing with discrimination issues, as well as immigrant’s rights.

Working as a consultant for the office of Fulbright and Associates, Ms. Church also demonstrated her practical abilities when it comes to representing a client at a trial. Besides improving the overall reputation of the firm, she was also directly responsible for the training of the associate lawyers.

Four years ago, Ms. Church became a member of the International Law Association and starter her career in teaching Law with the University of Alabama. We wish her a warm welcome into our team of experts at the Justice Immigration Institute.

Kevin Eaglestone

Mr. Eaglestone discovered his keen sense for entrepreneurship at an early age and was determined to establish his own law firm upon graduation. To increase his chances of success, he earned his J.D. from Harvard Law with excellent results and later collected his years of experience as a lawyer in a PhD dissertation thesis in Law at Yale University.

Prior to becoming an Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania, Kevin was one of the most successful members of the Board of Directors at Mayers Brown PLC, as well as a senior immigration consultant within his own quickly-developing law firm. During his career as a consultant, Mr. Eaglestone was awarded numerous prizes, amongst the most prestigious of which he counts the New York Super Lawyers Award and the Best Corporate Immigration Lawyers Award.

As part of our team of experts, Kevin is not only one of the most fit professors to tutor learners in the practical approach to immigration law, but also a rich source of advice and tips in what concerns the development of a private business.

Amy F. Porter

Dr. Amy Porter is currently a well praised Visiting Professor of Law at the reputable Boston College and has been active in the teaching sector for more than 5 years. She earned her J.D. from Harvard University and accomplished her PhD thesis in Law in collaboration with Yale University. In addition to teaching in Boston, Ms. Porter is also honoring us with her participation to our team of experts so that she can share her teachings and passion for the law to students worldwide.

Prior to becoming a professor, Amy Porter worked as a Senior Law Officer with the US Government for more than 10 years, where she conducted most of her field research. During her academic experience as a student, but also during her years as a law officer, she focused her research and interests into the areas of immigration policy, citizenship and civil procedure in the attempt to optimize the immigration process within the USA.

Dr. Porter’s results are now widely considered and applied in immigration consultancy and with the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). To crown her exceptional contributions to her field, Amy was bestowed the In-House Lawyer of the Year award, as well as the American Civil Liberties Union Award.

Sean J. Potts

Mr. Potts is a collaborating professor with the Justice Immigration Institute of United States, managing to bring consistent contributions to this program at a theoretical level. As a fresh graduate of Harvard Law, Sean tried his hand at family and immigration law and won a few important cases that also got media coverage. Benefitting from the support of his alumni, as well as ex-professors, Sean enrolled in a J.D. program at Harvard and focused on naturalization policies and the study of the definition given to the requirements of state-belonging.

After publishing some articles in the esteemed journal U.S. Legal, Sean became an affiliate of the America Bar Association, gaining an important executive position in the Commission on Immigration, as well as of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. His ascending career path did not stop here, as Mr. Potts was offered a position of Associate Professor with the University of Michigan.

Presently, Dr. Potts fills his time with developing teaching methods in his University level family and immigration law courses, as well as with the training program at the Justice Immigration Institute.

Kenny Galloway

Kenny Galloway became a lawyer especially due to his concerns with human rights and discrimination issues. After graduating magma cum laude from Harvard Law and obtaining his J.D. from Yale University, Mr. Galloway’s practice familiarized him with the issues faced by immigrants to the USA and their families. Thus, he decided to conduct his PhD thesis research in the field of immigration and he obtained his title with a paper that was acclaimed by academic members and practitioners of law at the same time.

Prior to becoming a professor, Dr. Galloway worked as an Executive Council Member with the American Association of Justice and was also awarded membership to the International Law Association and the National Bar Association for his valuable contributions. During his years of practice, he published more than 100 articles and academic papers on the intersection between immigration law, refugee protection and discrimination issues, constantly drawing attention to the need for a well-developed ethical attitude in the field of law. As an acknowledgement of his work, Dr. Galloway was awarded the Ethical Initiative of the Year three times in a row.

Today, Mr. Kenny Galloway is an Emeritus Professor of Law

Martha H. Carlson

Mrs. Martha Carlson is a Professor of Law at the well-known University of Minnesota and has been a member of our team of experts for more than 5 years. She is renowned for her performance as a lawyer throughout the entire state and, as a result, she was also promoted to senior partner of a major law firm prior to becoming a teacher. For our learners, she represents an abundant source of professional and practical advice that she gathered herself in her eventful years of practice.

Martha Carlson studied law at Harvard and earned her J.D. at the same prestigious University. For her PhD in Law, she collaborated and studied with Columbia University, where she gathered her most essential experience as a lawyer into a dissertation praised especially for its practical approach to the field. Martha enjoyed being a versatile practitioner of the law with skills to be applied in all of its areas, but her main interests concerned immigration and relocation, as well as corporate immigration and international law.

For her amazing performance as a practitioner, but also for her contributions to the academia, Dr. Carlson was presented the Best Corporate Immigration Lawyers award, as well as the New York Super Lawyers award.