A certified immigration consultant enjoys more success

Everybody is well aware by now that becoming an immigration consultant does not demand any sort of higher education degree. With just your high-school diploma you are eligible to apply for an intern or trainee position in this industry. This is a great opportunity for those that are in-between jobs, but also for cases where you might be uncertain as to what career to pursue. Considering the fact that there’s always more demand than the available workforce can supply, it’s a profitable decision from a financial point of view, while still being a position from which one can genuinely help others fulfil their dreams and aspirations. However, inside the immigration consultant business there is a gradation as to what benefits one worker may enjoy, as opposite to his colleagues.

The difference between a regular trainee and a professional one

People that enter this industry are usually classified into two categories – those who do not possess prior experience in either working with people or immigration consultancy and those who are familiar with the sort of work such a trade involves. While the former starts you off with a regular $36,000 to $38,000 salary per year, circumstances may vary for the latter. If you want to be perceived as an involved employee that strives to bring significant contributions to the team he/she works with, then you must prepare beforehand.

Taking initiative shows to your interviewer three things. The first one is that you’re not an average person looking for an average job, whereas the second concerns your attitude towards achieving a goal and establishing what sort of effort might be demanded of you. The third is not always perceived, highly depending on the manner in which you establish a relationship with the interviewer – an orderly, complete and clean CV backed up by an attitude that spells “motivated”.

These things will be initially translated into a the characteristics of a key-person to a corporation: involvement, the capacity to identify a problem and find solutions for it, as well as the possibility to handle larger amounts of work and even be responsible for a team or a department.

What it means to be prepared

First of all, getting through immigration training is vital. This ensures that you’re aware of the procedures that are involved in the process of either travelling to the United States or in seeking to settle down. Indeed, any consultancy agency provides this sort of service, but the vital factor is that you do it before applying to your first job as an immigration consultant. There are a myriad of possibilities, from traditional to independent and even online higher education institutions that offer courses designed to prepare you for this industry.

Most importantly, you can sign up for an online immigration consultant module, such as our own and obtain your certificate in a blink of an eye – you won’t have to turn your agenda upside down in order to fit courses, and you can learn from the comfort of your home or your favourite desk, at your laptop, using a tablet or even an iPhone.

Finally, getting a license as an immigration consultant involves sending an application to the U.S. Secretary of State, which will provide you with a document that confirms you are recognized by the American government as a working professional. While it does demand that you don’t have a criminal record and be a citizen of the United States, your initial salary can be increased with as much as $8,000 per year.