Find out how to become an immigration adviser in your country

Would you like to become an immigration adviser, but you don’t want to move to the USA? Today, that’s not actually a problem! There are more than 50 million people visiting the USA for business or pleasure every year, while more than 1 million people settle in the States in the same timeframe. For you, this means a tremendous target segment and the good news is that people from all the corners of the world are trying to find a better life on American soil or at least visit it once in their lives. That means that you can keep living in your country and also become a successful US immigration adviser.

Why people prefer a native immigration adviser

It’s true – many immigrants or nonimmigrants choose to seek advice from an immigration adviser that lives in the same country. One of the reasons for this preference is that an adviser living in the same country speaks the language of the client fluently, which makes the entire process run much smoother. Indeed, especially with people who are just visiting the USA, there are many who do not speak the English language very well. This can be a great impediment in the immigration process, because it stops them from correctly completing all the necessary application documents, leading to months of or even indefinite delay. If you are fluent in your mother tongue and English, then clients from your country will be much more attracted to your services. You can help them understand the documents they must complete, as well as the rules, obligations and rights they have as immigrants or nonimmigrants, and you can help them formulate their answers flawlessly.

Another reason why people might prefer a US immigration adviser from their own country is because of the common cultural background. This is especially the case with people who seek to settle on American soil, but it also applies to visitors, because they all must respect the cultural norms and unwritten laws of their host country. As an intimate connoisseur of the cultural climate of your own country, you are the best person to advise your clients about the differences they might encounter.

Get certified and practice from home

You don’t actually have to become a US citizen or to relocate to the USA in order to be able to practice immigration consultancy legitimately. What might come as a pleasant surprise is that you don’t even have to leave your home in order to get certified as an US immigration adviser. Indeed, through our completely online immigration adviser program, you can enlist, study and graduate from the comfort of your own home, no matter what country you live in. All the information you need to become proficient in the field will be available on our online platform for you to download on your PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet or any other handheld device. With this much flexibility at hand, integrating our program, which only lasts for a few months, into your daily routine should be easily accomplished.

Once you graduate, you can get employed with an existing immigration consultancy firm nearby your location or you can establish your own practice. You can always start with a small office, little investment and virtually no risks, so that you expand your firm only when the volume of work available requires it.