How do I become an immigration consultant online?

With an absolutely staggering target segment of more than 45 million people every year, a US immigration consultant can almost always be sure of his or her success. Seeing as there is plenty of room for new consultants on the market in every country of the world and that the payment for such a career is more than enough for a worry-free life, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of young and mature people alike are turning to this job. Most importantly perhaps, as a US immigration consultant, you get to help other people fulfill their dreams, either to visit the USA or to settle on American soil in the attempt to find a better life or better employment. If this is the sort of work you think you would enjoy, then the one question in your mind must be “How do I become an immigration consultant myself?”

Our online immigration consultant program

Who would have thought ten years ago that you would be able to get certified for a profession from the comfort of your own home? Today, this is made possible by almost all the well-known universities in the world. Our University makes no exception, as we have gathered the technological assets and the expertise of our immigration specialists to comprise the most efficient and flexible online US immigration consultant program for you.

The advantages are not difficult to single out. To begin with, you can save a lot of money by choosing our online course, which will only set you back a fraction of traditional tuition fees. Furthermore, you won’t have to spend on daily transportation to classes, nor will you be asked to relocate to a different city. Perhaps the most advantageous thing yet is the fact that you are allowed a flexible schedule, where you can choose when, where and how you learn. All the necessary resources can be found on our online platform and everything you have to do is to download them to your PC, laptop or even smartphone. From there on, you can learn on the bus, on the couch or lying in bed, at any time. Finally, the program only lasts a few months until graduation, which in comparison to traditional degree courses, will allow you to enter the industry much sooner. With all the time, effort and financial resources you save, you can easily start your own business on the right foot!

What happens after I graduate?

By graduating our online immigration consultant program, you become a certified consultant and can therefore establish a practice in the USA or any other country of the world. How you start off is entirely your choice, as this certificate is a very flexible one. You can keep your old job if you want to play it safe and just offer immigration advice on a side, for extra money. You can try to get hired with an already established US immigration consultancy firm, most of which offer valuable trainee positions that require only the certificate and no experience. In a matter of one or two years, you can accede to a full position within the company or you can use what you have learned to set up your own company. Either way, your chance at success is only a matter of time!